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Due to insurance issues the CFCC tuesday night 10tts will be club confined events this year .Non members are allowed to take part in a couple of these events to try them with a view to joining the club. Please read the British Cycling Policy below
British Cycling Policy on Club Confined Time Trials in Scotland
British Cycling has an agreement with Scottish Cycling to allow 'club confined time trials' to be covered by the club's liability insurance as a training activity. 'Club confined time trials' should involve no more than 25 riders, cover a distance of no more than 25 miles and be confined to club members plus any invitees who are not members of any cycling club and who have been invited to participate with a view to joining that club.

This cover is provided as a benefit to clubs and officials, not to individual participants. Therefore individual participants are strongly urged to obtain an adequate level of personal liability insurance such as that provided by Silver or Gold membership of British Cycling.
  • For the purposes of 'club confined time trials', club members shall be defined as follows: -
    • where the club member is a British Cycling member, the host club must be that which appears uppermost on their British Cycling membership card.
    • where the club member is not a British Cycling member, the member must be a member of the host club exclusively and not be a member of any other cycling club.
  • A rider may only participate in 'club confined time trials' of only one club in any calendar year.
  • All clubs insured for 'club confined time trials' must be affiliated to Scottish Cycling.
Where any of these conditions are not met, the event is no longer considered to be a 'club confined time trial' and must therefore be registered with Scottish Cycling as an Open Time Trial for which the normal registration fees and levies are payable.
For 'club confined time trials' involving more than 25 riders a sliding scale of additional fees applies :
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