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08 January 2013


Three CFCC riders made the trip down to Glasgow this weekend to have a go on the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. David Stuart, Alan Cook and Donald Stephenson arrived at the velodrome to join up with the other NOSCA riders that were there for the session. Once inside the main velodrome the first thing you notice is the steep banking at either end and you wonder how the bike is going to stick when you first get onto the banking. The guys first 15 minutes was spent riding round the bottom and up onto the straights so that those in the group could get used to riding fixed wheeled bikes. Then in the second session it was onto the banking and they all found this great fun and the session was over to soon. The third session had the group riding two abreast round the bankings then going up or down the bank to let the next pair come through meaning you could be four abreast at some times on the bankings. Then for the last session everyone got a last blast round the track with around thirty riders all going round at the same time this was great fun riding in and out of the numerous riders on track but all to soon the session was over and it was time for the long drive home.

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